Self-Validating Systems

Self-validating ATEX-rated system for exacting on-line applications

The Manalytical ATEX Auto-Zero System provides high precision, on-line moisture analysis in applications where levels of contamination are greater than normal and routine servicing is impractical.

  • A cost-effective methodology to help mitigate the effects of contamination.
  • Reduces the necessity for operator interface and maintenance - 24 hour uninterrupted operation.
  • Extends the mean service interval of the System and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Ideal for Natural Gas and Petrochemical applications. For example: Offshore Platforms, FPSOs, Post-Glycol 'Contactor' Monitoring, LNG, Pipeline Drying, Natural Gas Storage & Distribution, Receiving Terminals (Custody Transfer) and LPG Container Transfer.
  • Customised Auto-Zero & Span Systems are also available. See pictures below.

Product Specification

Sensor TypeSilicon Sensor, Temperature Controlled to 46°C
Operating Ranges1 to 1000 ppm[V], Ranges in Dewpoint °C / °F and lb/mmscf available upon request.
Speed of ResponseFull scale 'wet' to 'dry' in <1 minute using Push Purge®.
ATEX RatingII 1G EEx ia IIC T4 Ta = -20°C to +60°C
DiagnosticsPush Purge® feature aids sensor drydown, confirms that the senor and electronics are operational and highlights the presence of contamination. Push Purge® confirms if the speed of response of the analyser is maintained, validates readings on-line and removes hysteresis before each measurement.

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