Self-Calibrating Systems

Developed for catalytic reforming applications in the refinery industry, our most comprehensive analyser system comprises dual sensors and an internal, prime-standard moisture generator.

The Manalytical Continuous Moisture Measuring System (CMMS) provides catalytic reforming applications with the most accurate and reliable means available for on-line monitoring of moisture in recycle gas. Utilising our unique Temperature Controlled Silicon Sensor , the CMMS detects changes as low as 1 ppm[V] and stands up to corrosives, such as chloride, ensuring representative sampling of the recycle gas stream.

Manalytical’s Temperature Controlled Silicon Sensor brings distinct benefits to catalytic reforming applications:

  • Silicon sensors have unique moisture capacitance behaviour, enabling accurate moisture measurement in recycle gas in the range 0 to 800 ppm[V].
  • The Silicon sensor is unaffected by chloride levels up to 150 ppm[V].
  • Silicon sensors can resist corrosive agents, such as HCl, that are commonly found in recycle gas. As a direct result, sensor life is measured in years, rather than months.
  • The unrivalled speed of response of a Silicon sensor means that, upon commissioning or after exposure to high moisture levels, the system requires only a short period of drydown to provide accurate data.
  • Automatic recalibration is accomplished daily, using three internally generated, prime calibration standards. By using a newly calibrated Sensor every 24 hours, the Manalytical CMMS eliminates the potential for long-term drift and offers extreme accuracy, stability and repeatability

Product Specification

Sensor TypeSilicon Sensor, Temperature Controlled to 46°C
Operating Ranges1 to 1000 ppm[V], Ranges in Dewpoint °C / °F and lb/mmscf available upon request
Speed of ResponseFull scale 'wet' to 'dry' in <1 minute using Push Purge®.
ATEX RatingII 1G EEx ia IIC T4 Ta = -20°C to +60°C
DiagnosticsPush Purge® feature aids sensor drydown, confirms that the senor and electronics are operational and highlights the presence of contamination. Push Purge® confirms if the speed of response of the analyser is maintained, validates readings on-line and removes hysteresis before each measurement.