Portable Analysers

Fast, accurate & reliable, Manalytical’s portable hygrometers bring unrivalled confidence and quality of data capture.

The Manalytical MicroView Portable Hygrometer / moisture analyzer can sample inert and non-reactive gases. It is ideal for applications where fast speed of response and reliable data collection are important, and the ability to provide audit records is of benefit.

  • Temperature Controlled Silicon Sensor transfers laboratory accuracy in to the field, offering a transfer standard instrument with unrivalled speed of response.
  • Automatic Push Purge® Sensor drydown for rapid response, elimination of hysteresis and resistance to contamination.
  • Graphical display for detailed sample information and audit capability.
  • Internal datalog feature stores measurements in the instrument memory for review at a later time.
  • ATEX certified model available

Product Specification

Sensor TypeSilicon Sensor, Temperature Controlled to 46°C
Operating Ranges0.1 to 100 ppm[V], 1 to 1000 ppm[V], 1 to 6000 ppm[V]. Ranges in Dewpoint °C / °F and lb/mmscf available upon request.
DiagnosticsPush Purge® feature aids sensor drydown, confirms that the senor and electronics are operational and highlights the presence of contamination. Push Purge® confirms if the speed of response of the analyser is maintained, validates readings on-line and removes hysteresis before each measurement.

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