Dry Transport System

Designed for the LNG industry – portable analysis at line pressure, with in-built dry gas protection

Manalytical's Dry Transport System (DTS) is an add-on sample system for the MicroView Portable Moisture Analyzer. With an internal dry gas reservoir, use of the DTS is crucial in applications where low level, trace moisture measurement spot-checking is required at elevated sample pressures, and the fastest possible speed of response is necessary.

When coupled with the MicroView ATEX Portable Hygrometer, for sampling hazardous gases such as LNG, the DTS makes the ultimate portable moisture gas analysis system!

  • The DTS maintains the hygrometer in its optimum condition prior to, and between, sample measurements. Keeping the Sensor dry optimises the analyser’s speed of response, and protects against potential high moisture excursions during the connection / disconnection process.
  • The internal dry gas chamber is filled prior to sample measurement, usually by connection to a supply of clean, dry N2. When full, the reservoir will produce a constant flow of dry gas (<1 ppm[V]), which will back-purge across the Sensor for up to 3 hours.
  • The unique design of the DTS means you can connect direct to your process. The DTS automatically regulates the input pressure (up to 100 barg), so for most applications there is no need for external pressure letdown.
  • Suitable for any application where trace moisture analysis is critical, but on-line moisture measurement is impractical. Typical sample gases include LNG, Natural Gas, N2, O2, Ar, He and H2.

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