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02/04/2009 - New Self-Validating System heads to New Zealand

Unique Twin-Channel Auto-Zero System set for installation on FPSO



Manalytical have recently completed a contract to supply a bespoke Twin-Channel Self-Validating Moisture System to an FPSO in New Zealand's Taranaki basin.

Based on our proven Auto-Zero technology, the system provides high precision, on-line moisture analysis in applications where levels of contamination are greater than normal and routine servicing is impractical.

Advantages of the Auto-Zero solution include:

  • A cost-effective methodology to help mitigate the effects of contamination.
  • Reduced necessity for operator interface and maintenance - 24 hour uninterrupted operation.
  • Extends the mean service interval of the System and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Ideal for Natural Gas and Petrochemical applications. For example: Offshore Platforms, FPSOs, Post-Glycol 'Contactor' Monitoring, LNG, Pipeline Drying, Natural Gas Storage & Distribution, Receiving Terminals (Custody Transfer) and LPG Container Transfer.


The completion of the contract underlines Manalytical's global committment to providing the highest quality moisture analysis solutions, no matter how challenging or remote the application environement.

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