Russia / CIS / China

Global Presence

As the industrial powerhouse of the 21st century, China’s relentless expansion and modernisation continues to draw on resources and expertise from around the world.

Moisture analysis is no exception, with significant contracts in all industries being announced on an almost daily basis. To keep pace with the demands of this fast-paced market, Manalytical operates in conjunction with localised sales and service partners.

Russia and its fellow members of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) can seem a million miles removed from the capitalist development of China. Blessed with huge natural resources, from Belarus in the west to Sakhalin Island in the extreme east the focus is firmly on the oil and gas sector.

Key applications we have addressed in this region include:

  • Electricity generation / distribution
  • Refinery catalyst protection / regeneration (CCR Platforming)
  • Online process optimisation
  • Quality Control
  • Air separation / special gas production

Some of our larger clients across the CIS and China include:

  • China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), Formosa Chemical & Fibre Corporation, PetroChina, Taipower, PO Naftan, Air Products.

The above clients typically bought these products: