North America

Global Presence

Our primary export market, the link with North America is strong and applications diverse. Oil and gas, power generation, air separation, military. We provide our entire range of services to some of the largest organisations.

Operations are coordinated from Stephens Analytical Inc. in Montreal, QC, where we offer mass traceable calibrations to 0.02ppm[V]. Accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and certified by CLAS (Canadian Laboratory Assessment Service), the laboratory maintains the National Humidity Standard for Canada and has been in continuous operation since 1982 (with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation since 1987). NIST do not offer mass traceable calibrations which is critical to ppm determinations!

The different operating standards between North America and other world regions has driven the need for Manalytical to develop both I.S. / ATEX and Ex-proof equipment to cater to all specifications for hazardous area work with respect to moisture analyzers. With the ability to custom-engineer hybrid systems for unique applications, we offer the ultimate flexibility of choice.

In the USA, we also operate a calibration and service facility in Newtown Square, PA.

Some of the most common applications in North America are:

  • Electricity generation / distribution
  • Aerospace
  • Refinery catalyst protection / regeneration (CCR Platforming)
  • Air separation / special gas production
  • Process start-up and optimisation

Well-known clients include:

  • UOP, Exxon, Texaco, Petro-Canada, Marathon Petroleum Company, Pétromont, DTE Energy, Hydro Québec, American Electric Power, U.S. Department of Energy, CPS Energy, Suncor Energy, Duke Energy, Tennessee Gas Pipeline, Lockheed Martin, NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration USA, Air Products, Praxair, Airgas.

The above clients typically bought these Manalytical products: